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In March 2020, our cottage village was awarded three stars (accommodation of superior quality) from the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Deutscher Hotel- und Gaststättenverband, DEHOGA).

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District Administrator Michael Köberle awards Carlos Merz a 3-star rating for cottage village Carolinger in Weyer

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Cottage village in Weyer attracts tourists

Cottage village Carolinger – an exceptional attraction

Chalets, apartments & café

Our hut village in Villmar-Weyer is located in the beautiful Laubustal am Taunus, surrounded by forest and meadows. Five separate chalets made of rustic alpine spruce. Next to it is our Stellahaus in 360 ° construction with four star-shaped apartments. New since summer 2021: the air-conditioned Hexa hut with six apartments. We also offer a family-friendly apartment. Due to the hillside location of Carolinger Hüttendorf you can relax on the small terraces in front of the chalets and enjoy nature with a great view. Breakfast is available from 06:00 a.m. in Café Carolinger. In summer you can have breakfast outside on a large balcony terrace. All baked goods are fresh from the oven because we have integrated a small village bakery into the café. The neighboring log house restaurant Wissegiggl with a great beer garden is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Carolinger Hüttendorf Summer 2021


In terms of traffic, Weyer is 2 km away from the B8 between Bad Camberg and Limburg, quickly accessible via the A3. The Regional Express takes 55 minutes from the train station 2 km away to the Frankfurt / Messe main station. From Limburg Süd ICE train station, 10 km away, you can reach Frankfurt Airport in 20 minutes, Frankfurt Main Station in 30 minutes, Cologne Central Station in 55 minutes.

The Karolinger in Weyer

Weyer, who was first mentioned in 790 AD as “Villare” in a deed of donation from Emperor Charlemagne, was created in the Carolingian period in the Hintertaunus. In Weyer, archaeologists found Stone Age finds, pre-Christian burial grounds, burial mounds and ring walls dating back to the time of the Romans to the Bronze Age (2,200 BC). There were silver mines and numerous iron stone mines. Excavations and research by the State Office for the Protection of Monuments are still taking place near the early Roman camp at Alteburg between Weyer and Oberbruch. Weyer is located in the Hintertaunus in an idyllic low mountain landscape.

About us

Cottage village Carolinger: Vacationing close to nature near Taunus and Lahn.


Our cottage village is part of Villmar-Weyer and located in the beautiful Laubus Valley of the Taunus, surrounded by forests and meadows. For overnight stays, we offer rustic chalets build of solid timber as well as modern apartments. The culinary offer of Café Carolinger and the Wissegiggl restaurant, which was awarded for its authentic regional food by “Hessen à la carte” in 2020, complete the cottage village experience. The Taunus, Lahn and Westerwald region and its connection to the city centers of Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Koblenz offer many opportunities to explore amusement parks, local museums, castles and palaces.


10 years ago, when owner Carlos Merz built the small Wissegiggl inn in the style of Canadian blockhouses as a “Greenfield Project”, nobody thought it would attract thousands of far travelling guests to feast, celebrate and eventually stay overnight in Weyer, which itself only has 1300 inhabitants. In 2010, the restaurant was initially constructed with tables for about 60 people and was soon after – due to high demand – expanded to accommodate up to 160 people. An unparalleled beer garden with kid’s corners and a minigolf course further upgraded the venue over the years. In 2018, an adjacent gardening compound was restructured to become a small holiday village with a café. Cottage village Carolinger has been in service since 2019 and has had a tremendous start since then – despite the problematic pandemic. Soon after, it was awarded 3 stars by the DEHOGA.


The initial idea to found the Wissegiggl inn was triggered by an all around decline of restaurants in rural areas. The founder wanted to counter that trend with a highly memorable concept “on the green grass”. The addition of the cottage village Carolinger nine years later was the logical consequence of the demand for a gastronomic offer combined with the option to stay overnight. Having worked as a salesman in Germany and Europe, the visited hotels gave the initiator lots of ideas what to do differently if he would ever get the chance to realize his own gastronomical concept. Maybe it was this collection of ideas that created the Wissegiggl restaurant and cottage village Carolinger.

To this day, the strategic development and operational management is still in the hands of the owner – with the family available to actively assist.

Our Strengths:

“Location, location, location” is an often heard phrase when talking about hotels: Our visitors may find it hard to imagine that 10 years ago, this exit of Weyer offered little more than meadows, a few gardens and a small stream. With nature, grassland and forests on one hand and the very good connection to important highways such as the A3 as well as the ICE train station, success was almost guaranteed at this seemingly unlikely location.

In the face of the seemingly unbeatable competition like pizza places, fast food restaurants and big hotel chains in the surrounding cities of today, an important, unique feature that was maintained from the start: keeping it local. The restaurant and the café put importance on a high value chain of self-made meals. Just recently, we started producing our own ice cream under the label “Gefrorenes Glück” (“Frozen Luck”) made from organic milk from a nearby village, and our cake is handmade in our own kitchen. All this are more building blocks for the “Hessen à la carte” award.

Realizing the many homemade meals requires a qualified, motivated kitchen team. We are very proud of our staff and such a dedicated, young service team.

Appealing to a great variety of guests, such as private or public groups, families, athletes, clubs and business travelers is of great importance to us and ensures a high occupancy rate.

Cottage village Carolinger’s characteristic feature: decentralized accommodations

Especially in today’s times, our guests appreciate the spatially divided chalets and apartments – all designed and arranged with a single floor at ground level. It gives our guests of positive feeling of solitude, inside as well as outside in front of their accommodations. This results in highly ranked hygiene and peacefulness compared to rooms in a conventional hotel.

The hillside allows the guests of cottage village Carolinger to relax on small terraces and enjoy nature with a great view. In the Summer, we also offer to eat breakfast outside on a big balcony terrace to enjoy the sunrise panorama.

What do our guests especially appreciate?

“For a hotel guest, the most important meal of the day is: breakfast!” That’s a wish we fulfill completely: in cottage village Carolinger, all pastries come fresh out of the oven of the village’s small bakery that’s been integrated into the café. The local ministry and its staff make jam for a good cause, we get honey from the Laubustal, free-range eggs from our own chicken coop (yes, 30 chickens are on-site), sausages from a farmer in a nearby village who butchers and seasons the meat without preservatives. Goat cheese from a small Westerwald Fromagerie and organic milk from the nearby monastery estate Gnadental.

What does our staff especially appreciate?

Unlike many rural hotels, we have no staff shortage. There’s always demand to work for us. The staff appreciates the anything but authoritarian management structure, which requires a high level of autonomy and a team-oriented work approach. Remarkably, almost half of our staff comes to work by foot or on bike, because they live in the small district of Weyer. Besides fair pay, we offer flexible working hours which (for example) allow young mothers to align their job with us with their nursery school.

Our strategic goals:

  • First, we will construct our “Hexahütte” in the first half of 2021 and put it into operation – a new, twelve-cornered block house consisting of six decentralized accommodations. For construction, we only use allergy free insulating material. All timber is of certified, sustainable origin.
  • In the medium term, we plan to construct another building that’s suitable for seniors. It will contain a swimming pool and a sauna as well as physiotherapy. The spa and health services will also be available for the hotel guests, which will allow us to move on from 3-star rating from DEHOGA to a 4-star rating.
  • Until then, we plan to use a mobile sauna, which is a pilot experiment with a resourceful Frankish hotel guest with an apparatus construction company
  • These strategic constructional expansions go hand in hand with our sustainability goals: to create as little discard as possible and establish accountable, regional supply chains. Heat and electricity should be supplied by our on-site solar power system as well as our solar thermal and battery storage device. Additional electricity from CO2 free sources exclusively.

Examples for our environmental, regional and sustainable approach

  • Certified Green-Sign business: Quality seal for hotel businesses operating sustainable based on environmental factors
  • Certified restaurant Wissegiggl for “Hessen à la carte”: Kitchen offering regional and seasonal meals
  • Local suppliers for meat, cheese, jam and honey
  • “Gefrorenes Glück”: Our own line of ice cream made from organic milk from the area
  • Our own yogurt for our breakfast guests, made from organic milk from the Taunus
  • Our own chickens (about 30) live in open air pens and on soilage
  • Mineral and natural water are bottled in-house, springs are located in Weyer at the nature park Hochtaunus near Goldener Grund
  • On-site bakery refrains from using preservatives for all pastries
  • A photovoltaic power system (155 kWp) and battery storage (140kw) make for 75% clean energy on site
  • Sister companies are active exclusively in the electricity industry, specifically wind, biomass and solar energy
  • Rainwater processing for the on-site laundry reduces fresh water usage
  • Paperless check-in and check-out possible
  • Electric car charger with two speedloader stations on site (30KW each)
  • Rentable e-bikes charged with electricity from the photovoltaic power system
  • Avoiding the use of plastic bottles, packaging and cups
  • Food waste minimization: leftover soilage for our chickens, bread and buns for own in-house breading and breadcrumbs
  • More than 50% of our staff is from our municipal, Villmar. We support joint staff activites as well as further education, offer flexible working hours for mothers and conduct our own idea programs
  • We are members of the DEHOGA Hessen to support sustainable, local restaurants and hotels
  • We are committed to the village’s sports and culture clubs

Latest news: Electric car at Carolinger, Eve Double Pro Line

We have an electric car charger with two charging outlets on site. Each outlet has a charging capacity of 22KW (32 Ampere).

Our guests are offered the special price of 0.54€/kWh. This rate can be accessed on site with your ATM card. The rate does not apply for external company cards.

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